Text Box: Sex, Sinners, And Hippies

A Book By Susan Zuber-Chall

The town of Ward,

a tiny old mining camp founded in the 1870s now a mountain town situated at 9,450 feet above sea level

in the

Rocky Mountains

of Colorado.


Home for Sex, Sinners, and Hippies

In the late 1960s and early 1970s I joined the movement towards dropping out of society and living a more meaningful life. In my headlong, often drug enhanced, flight away from that rigid society that I came from I eventually ended up in the tiny Colorado mountain town of Ward.

An excerpt from the book Sex, Sinners, and Hippies:

The next morning after breakfast we decided to walk to the town. It only took five minutes before we came over the crest of a hill and there I had my first sight of Ward. The tiny old mining town was nestled in a bowl created by the mountains. Only three streets ran through the entire town and each of those were narrow mountainous dirt roads. At the ends of the roads lay sadly rejected and disillusioned cars waiting for redemption that would never come. It was a tiny story of a town with a lone church steeple pointing towards heaven.

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